Neal’s Yard, a garden in paradise

For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ve certainly seen recently that I discovered Neal’s Yard products last month. I was kindly spoiled by one of my co-workers for helping her with a project (yes, I know, I have amazing colleagues). The first surprise was of course to receive a gift, and the second was to discover a brand I didn’t know.

Neal’s Yard is an English brand, whose products are all made with a maximum of raw materials from organic farming, and natural materials, without silicone, paraben and above all untested on animals. In short, I love the natural products side and know that what I’m going to put on my skin is not harmful.

So I received the “Essential Travel Kit” which contains 5 products in travel size, as well as the moisturizer for the hands, and all the products smell divinely good! Honestly, I have seldom smelled products with such a perfect, sweet, fresh and invigorating smell.

The travel format is very practical because I know that I can take them everywhere with me, and they are not too small. The hand moisturizer and disinfectant spray have become the two essentials of my handbag.

I had a real crush on the beauty balm, which is one of the brand’s bestsellers, and which I now use several times a week. The balm being very oily I apply it in the evening to have a beautifully hydrated skin in the morning.

Now I just hate to discover and test new products from Neal’s Yard!


Pour ce qui me suivent sur Instagram, vous avez certainement vu récemment que j’ai découvert les produits de la marque Neal’s Yard le mois dernier. J’ai gentillement été gâté par l’une de mes collègues de travail pour l’avoir aidée sur un projet (oui, je sais, j’ai des collègues en or). La première surprise était bien entendu de recevoir un cadeau, et la seconde de découvrir la marque que je ne connaissais pas.

Neal’s Yard est une marque anglaise, dont les produits sont tous fait avec un maximum de matières premières issue de l’agriculture biologique, et de matières naturelles, sans silicone, parabène et surtout non testées sur les animaux. Bref, j’adore le côté produits naturels et savoir que ce que je vais me mettre sur la peau n’est pas nocif.

J’ai donc reçu le “kit essentiel de voyage” qui contient 5 produits au format voyage, ainsi que la crème hydratante pour les main, et tous les produits sentent divinement bon! Honnêtement, j’ai rarement senti des produits avec une odeur aussi parfaites, à la fois douce, fraiche et revigorante.

Le format voyage est super pratique, car je sais que je peux les emmener partout avec moi, et pour autant ce ne sont pas des format trop petit. La crème hydratante pour les mains et le spay désinfectant sont d’ailleurs devenus les deux indispensables de mon sac-à-main.

J’ai eu un véritable coup de coeur pour le baume beauté, qui est un des best-seller de la marque, et que j’utilise désormais plusieurs fois par semaine. Le baume étant très gras je l’applique le soir pour avoir une belle peau hydratée le matin.

Maintenant j’ai simplement hate de découvrir et tester de nouveaux produits de chez Neal’s Yard!


Thirsty skin – I tried the Toskani Cosmetics range

I always had a dry skin, a real problem for me even more since I’m living in London. Between the hard water, pollution, the lack of fresh air, my skin is living a real nightmare (and me too!). As I’m not living next to the sea – my real dream – I tried for two weeks the products range of Vida Essential brand named Toskani Cosmetics. Vida Essential kindly send me the products according to my skin needs after replying to a survey about how I feel my skin, my habits and the type of products I like to use. To be honest, I don’t like to spend hours to get ready in the morning, I like when it simple, quick and efficient so I was a bit afraid of using 4 products every day, but let’s give a go!

The products

I used the 4 following products in this order – you can find all of them in the Shopping page of the blog:

  1. Energizing Cleanser – first the Energizing cleanser which is a cleaning gel that I used as a soap, it cleans and purifies skin, improves skin appearance and optimises skin permeability
  2. Aquabalance Mesoserum – After cleaning my skin, I used the serum made of a high concentration of active ingredients it has a very fast and deep effect due to the lightweight and water-based formula it is easily absorbed by the skin
  3. Aquabalance Cream – 2 or 3 minutes later I used the oil based cream
  4. Bamboo Hydratonic – To finish, I pulverised some bamboo spray on my face. It removes impurities and dead skin cells, calm skin, provides strong hydration, and tones the skin

The application
I received Vida Essential products few days before leaving for Portugal, a windfall for me as I already knew that my skin will suffer from the salt-water, the sun while I’m completely unconcern about it, just enjoying to be for 6 days on the most beautiful beaches in Europe… I started to use the products once back in London. I have to admit that I couldn’t feel results at the beginning but only after 4-5 days.


The most important now, what do I think about it!
I love the Energizing Cleanser it really brings a fresh feeling on the skin, it’s amazing, my skin feels fresh and smooth straight away, a real baby skin. My second crush is for the Aquabalance cream, it perfectly hydrated my skin, also brings a fresh feeling and the most important is that it does not make the skin greasy at the end of the day which is a really good point.
The only negative side of the range is the smell of the products and especially the smell of the Aquabalance Mesoserum that I didn’t like at all.
The full range is really good, after two weeks of application – Yes I managed to use all of the 4 products on a daily basis – I really see the difference on my skin, no more tugging skin feelings, and a 24/24 moisturisation. Results: tested and approved!

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