French are…

I launch a new section on the Blog named ‘French are…
The concept is really easy, I take a clichĂ© about French people and even more about the French girl, and I tell you what I think about it. This idea came to my mind just after watching the video made by the magazine La Parisienne who asked to some British what they think of the Parisian girl. You can watch the video just below or find it here. Being French myself and living in London, I told me that I was the best to talk about it 😉

Je lance une nouvelle section sur le blog nommĂ©e ‘French are
Le concept est simple, je pars d’un clichĂ© sur les Français, mais surtout sur les Françaises et je vous dis ce que j’en pense. Cette idĂ©e m’est venue aprĂšs avoir regardĂ© la vidĂ©o tournĂ©e par Le magazine La Parisienne, qui interroge des Anglais sur ce qu’ils pensent de la Parisienne. Vous pouvez retrouver la vidĂ©o ci dessus et aussi ici. Etant Française, et vivant Ă  Londres, je me suis dit que j’étais bien placĂ©e pour en parler 😉

Thirsty skin – I tried the Toskani Cosmetics range

I always had a dry skin, a real problem for me even more since I’m living in London. Between the hard water, pollution, the lack of fresh air, my skin is living a real nightmare (and me too!). As I’m not living next to the sea – my real dream – I tried for two weeks the products range of Vida Essential brand named Toskani Cosmetics. Vida Essential kindly send me the products according to my skin needs after replying to a survey about how I feel my skin, my habits and the type of products I like to use. To be honest, I don’t like to spend hours to get ready in the morning, I like when it simple, quick and efficient so I was a bit afraid of using 4 products every day, but let’s give a go!

The products

I used the 4 following products in this order – you can find all of them in the Shopping page of the blog:

  1. Energizing Cleanser – first the Energizing cleanser which is a cleaning gel that I used as a soap, it cleans and purifies skin, improves skin appearance and optimises skin permeability
  2. Aquabalance Mesoserum – After cleaning my skin, I used the serum made of a high concentration of active ingredients it has a very fast and deep effect due to the lightweight and water-based formula it is easily absorbed by the skin
  3. Aquabalance Cream – 2 or 3 minutes later I used the oil based cream
  4. Bamboo Hydratonic – To finish, I pulverised some bamboo spray on my face. It removes impurities and dead skin cells, calm skin, provides strong hydration, and tones the skin

The application
I received Vida Essential products few days before leaving for Portugal, a windfall for me as I already knew that my skin will suffer from the salt-water, the sun while I’m completely unconcern about it, just enjoying to be for 6 days on the most beautiful beaches in Europe… I started to use the products once back in London. I have to admit that I couldn’t feel results at the beginning but only after 4-5 days.


The most important now, what do I think about it!
I love the Energizing Cleanser it really brings a fresh feeling on the skin, it’s amazing, my skin feels fresh and smooth straight away, a real baby skin. My second crush is for the Aquabalance cream, it perfectly hydrated my skin, also brings a fresh feeling and the most important is that it does not make the skin greasy at the end of the day which is a really good point.
The only negative side of the range is the smell of the products and especially the smell of the Aquabalance Mesoserum that I didn’t like at all.
The full range is really good, after two weeks of application – Yes I managed to use all of the 4 products on a daily basis – I really see the difference on my skin, no more tugging skin feelings, and a 24/24 moisturisation. Results: tested and approved!

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French are … always wearing a breton stripes shirt

Let’s start this articles’ series about French clichĂ© with the well-known Breton stripes shirt. Because yes, in the collective imagination all the French women wear a Breton stripes shirt, otherwise how could you recognise them, will you tell me?!

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Blah Blah #Donut Panic!

Today is the Donuts’ week launching, here, in the UK. I forgive you if you did not know that the donut had its dedicated week…
I am not the biggest fan of donuts, to be honest. I find them most of time too greasy, and this taste of fried doughnuts disgust me quite quickly.Then why speaking of donuts, will you tell me?

Simply for the good cause. This week is dedicated to raising funds for the charity The Children’s Trust. You will find all the information here.While treating yourself with donuts for a whole week (we shall begin the diet a little later, I know you are disappointed 😉 ), I show you the only donut I really like, the Cronut©. I know, it’s not completely similar, but it’s such a guilty pleasure for me!

I recently tested those of the French Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel, who, after having made a real success across the Atlantique, opened his first shop in London, last autumn in Belgravia. Those little treats are not cheap (ÂŁ4 by Cronut©), but trust me it worth it. You can taste the lightness of the croissant’s puff paste, the whole thing filled with a delicious light cream, I was lucky enough to enjoy the peach one, perfect for spring. And just like a donut, you can find a glazing for the sweet touch.

For those who live in East London and who don’t have the energy to cross the whole city for a cake, there is also an excellent shop selling ‘ Cronut ‘ (the name Cronut © can’t be used for those ones as it’s Dominique Ansel’s registered trademark) in BoxPark, Shoreditch. Although they are not the originals ones, they remain excellent.


Aujourd’hui marque le lancement de la semaine du Donuts, ici, aux UK. Je vous pardonnes bien volontiez si vous ne saviez pas que le donut avait sa semaine dĂ©diĂ©e…

Je ne suis pas la plus grande fan de donuts pour ĂȘtre honnĂȘte. Je les trouve la plus part du temps, bien trop gras, et ce goĂ»t de beignets fris m’Ă©coeur assez rapidement.

Alors pourquoi parler de donuts, me direz-vous?
Simplement pour la bonne cause. Cette semaine sert Ă  lever des fonds pour l’association The Children’s Trust. Vous trouverez toutes les informations nĂ©cessaires ici.

En attendant de vous rĂ©galer de donuts pour une semaine entiĂšre (on commencera le rĂ©gime un peu plus tard du coup, je sais que vous ĂȘtes déçues 😉 ), je vous montre le seul et unique donut qui fait fondre, le Cronut©. Alors oui, ce n’ai pas tout Ă  fait pareil, mais quel bonheur, c’est vĂ©ritablement un de mes petits plaisir de la vie.

J’ai rĂ©cemment testĂ© ceux du pĂątissier Français Dominique Ansel, qui, aprĂšs avoir fait un vĂ©riatble carton outre-Altantique a ouvert sa premiĂšre boutique Londonienne Ă  l’automne dernier dans le quartier de Belgravia. Ces petites choses ne sont pas donnĂ©es (comptez ÂŁ4 par Cronut©), mais croyez moi, ça veut le dĂ©tour. On y retrouver la lĂ©gĂšretĂ© de la pĂąte feuilletĂ©e du croissant, le tout fourĂ© d’une dĂ©licieuse crĂšme lĂ©gĂšre, celle que j’ai eu la chance de gouter Ă©tait Ă  la pĂȘche, parfaite pour le printemps. Et tout comme sur un donut, on retrouve un glaçage pour la touche sucrĂ©e.

Pour ceux qui habitent dans l’Est de Londres qui n’ont pas le courage de traverser la ville pour une pĂątisserie, il y a Ă©galement une excellente boutique de ‘Cronut’ (le nom Cronut© ne pouvant pas ĂȘtre donnĂ© car c’est une marque dĂ©posĂ©e de Dominique Ensel) Ă  Box Park, Shoreditch. Bien qu’ils ne valent pas les originaux, ils restent excellents.


Dominique Ansel Bakery

17-21 Elizabeth Street
London SW1W 9RP

Dum Dums Donetterie
Unit 31, Box Park
2-4 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY

Jolies Choses #2


Are you ready to watch life through speckled and coloured glasses?
A big wave of Memphis pattern trend arrives, carrying with it the Terrazzo. Yes I know, at first sight, it probably does not tell you much, except that it sounds a little bit Italian, doesn’t it?

No sun, no Colosseum, nor mozzarella, and yet the Terrazzo comes from Italy. Originally, it is a material used in making floor tiles for buildings, made from coloured marbles mixed with cement. It is also known as Granito… less glamorous!

In 2017, we can say goodbye to grey cement. We keep only the best of the origin of Terrazzo in order to bring the brightness of colours. The use of Terrazzo extends beyond floor tiles now, and it’s possible to add daily objects, by touch. Because yes, it’s better to avoid covering your interior only with Terrazzo.

A touch definitively pop, that we find on walls thanks to wallpapers, stickers and posters of the great French mark always in the trend, Papermint. Pillows, furniture and stationery are not forgotten, here is my selection.


PrĂ©parez-vous Ă  voir la vie en mouchetĂ©, et de toutes les couleurs ! C’est le grand retour de la tendance Memphis, et avec elle celle du Terrazzo. Alors oui, Ă  premier vue, cela ne vous dit probablement pas grand chose, si ce n’est que ça sonne un peu Italien, non?
Pas de soleil, de ColisĂ©e, ou de mozzarella en vue et pourtant le terrazzo nous viens bien d’Italie. A l’origine, c’est un matĂ©riaux de construction pour les sols, fait de marbres colorĂ©s, le tout mĂ©langĂ© Ă  du ciment et aussi appelĂ© granito… bien moins glamour tout ça !

En 2017, au revoir ciment gris. On ne garde que le meilleur de l’origine du Terrazzo et bonjour Ă©clat de couleur. La tendance ne se cantonne plus au sol, mais se dĂ©cline en objets du quotidien, Ă  ajouter par touche. Oui car le tout Terrazzo est probablement Ă  banir si on ne veut pas frauler l’overdose.

Une touche dĂ©finitivement pop, que l’on retrouve sur les murs grĂące aux papiers peint, stickers et posters de la super marque Française toujours dans la tendance, Papermint. Les coussins, le mobilier et la papeterie ne sont pas en reste, voici ma sĂ©lection.



  1. Papermint – Memphis Granit – Wallpaper
  2. Eno Studio – My Terrazza – Cushions
  3. Normann Copenhagen – Daily Fiction / Space stone light – Notebook, Ruler and File Holder

Blah Blah #Mother’s day

Today it’s Mother’s Day. The opportunity to please her, to show her that we think of her – but as every day, right?! Because yes, we have all the best mum in the world, it is well known!

And every year raises the same question when comes Mother’s Day – which is moreover the same that we settle for Christmas and birthdays. Eternal resumption.

But what am I going to be able to offer?

A real puzzle. We need an original present, which she does not already have, and especially that she gonna like. I’m not a big fan of the enormous and very expensive present for this occasion, but rather in search of cute small and symbolic present – Yes, no need to make it tonnes to prove her that we love her. This year, I chose to make all my presents around the sea-green colour, and I found a multitude of small objects, all so adorable.

PS: For us, French people, no panic, the Mother’s Day is not today, on March the 26th, but on May the 28th. Thus we still have time to anticipate, fortunate aren’t we?


Aujourd’hui c’est la FĂȘte des MĂšres. L’occasion de lui faire plaisir, de lui montrer qu’on pense Ă  elle – mais comme tous les jours, hein?! Parce que oui, nous avons tous la meilleure maman du monde, c’est bien connu !

Et tous les ans se pose la mĂȘme question quand vient la fĂȘte des mĂšres – c’est d’ailleurs la mĂȘme qu’on se pose pour NoĂ«l et les anniversaires. Éternel recommencement.

Mais que vais-je bien pouvoir offrir?

Un vĂ©ritable casse-tĂȘte. Il nous faut un cadeau original, qu’elle n’a pas dĂ©jĂ , mais surtout qui lui plaira. Je ne suis pas une adapte de l’Ă©norme cadeau trĂšs cher pour cette occasion, mais plutĂŽt Ă  la recherche du petit cadeaux mignon, et symbolique (et oui, pas besoin d’en faire des tonnes pour lui prouver qu’on l’aime). Cette annĂ©e, j’ai choisi de faire tous mes (petits) cadeaux autour de la couleur vert d’eau, et j’ai trouvĂ© une multitude de petits objets, tous aussi adorables les uns que les autres.

PS: Pour nous les Français, pas de panique, la fĂȘte des mĂšres n’ai pas aujourd’hui, le 26 mars, mais bien le 28 mai. Nous avons donc encore le temps d’anticiper, chanceux n’est ce pas ?

1. Marinski – Mint Planter with Little Polka Dots – Planter
2. Voluspa – Laguna Petite decorative Tin Candle – Candle
3. Marinski – Bird Brooch with golden Leaves – BroochFollow my 

Jolies Choses #1

March in London is definitely the home of rain and grey sky (No, it’s not a rumour). If you plan to visit London, March is probably not the best time of the year, so be patient and just wait for April to come…


In terms of interior design, no need to wait. Before the sparkling summer colours are everywhere, let’s talk about the colour that I would like to see everywhere which perfectly matches London’s sky: the blue-grey.

The blue-grey colour has been a strong trend this winter and light blue will definitely be the colour of the beginning of this spring, for your house, and in your closet (I’m already so excited about that!). It’s definitely all about matching colour!

I have a real crush for this colour, at the same time soft and powerful. In association with a light wood for a winter and nordic spirit, or with dark grey for an industrial tone.

For you, I’ve spotted the mandatory pieces to have in your interior.


Mars Ă  Londres est dĂ©finitivement synonyme de pluie et de ciel gris (non, non ce n’est pas une rumeur…). Si vous planifier de visiter Londres, Mars n’est probablement pas le meilleur moment de l’annĂ©e, soyez patient, et attendez simplement qu’avril arrive…

En matiĂšre de design intĂ©rieur, pas besoin d’attendre. Alors avant de laisser place aux couleurs chatoyantes de l’Ă©tĂ©, parlons de la couleur que je voudrais voir partout et qui s’accorde parfaitement avec le ciel Londonien, le bleu-gris.

Ça a Ă©tĂ© une grosse tendance de l’hiver et le bleu clair sera dĂ©finitivement la couleur de ce dĂ©but de printemps, pour votre maison, comme dans votre penderie (Je suis dĂ©jĂ  super excitĂ©e Ă  l’idĂ©e !). Et oui, tout est question de coordination !

J’ai un vĂ©ritable coup de cƓur pour cette couleur, Ă  la fois douce et puissante. En association avec du bois clair pour un esprit hivernale ou nordique, ou avec un gris foncĂ© pour des tons industriels.

Pour vous, j’ai repĂ©rĂ© les piĂšces indispensables Ă  votre intĂ©rieur.

20000136gj_14_r (1)

BABOU 3 bleu d'hiver


1. Vitra – Nuage by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec – Vases
2. Kartell – Comback by Patricia Urquiola Grey Blue – Rocking Chair
3. Rose in April – Babou #3 Winter Blue – Triple Shelf / ÉtagĂšre Triple
4. Kartell – Kabuki by Ferruccio Laviani Light Blue –  Lamp / Lampe

City Guide #Nantes

Last Friday I flew to Nantes for a family weekend trip. For those who don’t know, Nantes is a charming city in the west of France, not far from the ocean and crossed by the Loire’s river. This weekend is the occasion for me to tell you all about the places I enjoy there.

Vendredi dernier j’ai traversĂ© la Manches pour un weekend en famille Ă  Nantes. Pour ceux qui ne le saurait pas, Nantes est une charmante ville de l’ouest de la France, non loin de l’ocĂ©an, et traversĂ©e par la Loire. Ce weekend est l’occasion pour moi de vous montrer mes endroits prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©s.

Hungry?! If so, L’Atelier des DĂ©lices is probably the best place to enjoy brunch during the weekend. All the food is home-made and fresh juices are delightful, especially the amazing waffles.

AffamĂ©? Si oui, L’Atelier des DĂ©lices est probablement le meilleur endroit oĂč bruncher durant le weekend. Tous les plats sont fait-maison et les jus frais sont dĂ©licieux, mention spĂ©ciale pour les incroyables gauffres.


The Sugar Blue CafĂ©, is a small but lovely place, decorated to represent the 70’s, blue and yellow theme, including the walls and cushions. Serving a range of hot drinks along with several cakes.

Le Sugar Blue CafĂ© est un petit cafĂ©, mais tellement charmant. DĂ©corĂ© dans un esprit 70’s avec des murs et coussins bleue et jaune, il  y a un large choix de boissons chaudes, et de gĂąteaux.hdr
I have a crush for the front view of Million Dollar Baby‘s shop, painted in light pink and highlighted by two golden garden gnomes.

Coup de Coeur pour la façade du magasin Million Dollar Baby, paint en rose pùle et agrémentée par deux nains de jardins dorés.