Getting pregnant during lockdown is not bad after all

Getting pregnant during lockdown is not bad after all

21 June 2020. This could have been an absolutely normal father’s day but it turns out to be quite special: we are pregnant! This year hasn’t been quite normal. If getting into a pandemic and a national lockdown wasn’t planned, meeting the man of my dream and getting pregnant wasn’t either. But good things happened sometimes!

Past the excitement of the ‘’pregnant 2-3 weeks’’ written on the pregnancy test and the whole ‘’oh my god we gonna have a baby’’, I started to fell very anxious about the ‘’and now what?’’. My first gut feeling would have been to run to my GP to learn about the following steps. The situation being quite different, I took my phone and try to reach my GP.

It took me 3 days to manage to speak to a doctor. 3 long days. 3 unbearably long days (not even joking).

The wait was torturing me. When I finally managed to speak to a doctor it was only to hear a cold ‘’choose and register to a maternity and you will have an appointment within 3 months’’. A maternity? 3 months? 3 days was already hard to live with. How the anxious me would survive to 3 months waiting to know if our baby was doing well? The answer is simple, I would not and will book a private early pregnancy scan.

We are early July. I have been working from home for 4 months and have been pregnant for 5 weeks. I basically take a 2 hours nap every single day, I feel absolutely exhausted. This is a very weird feeling, of course you know you are pregnant but without any obvious outside sign it’s strange to sleep that much.

The perk of being home is that I can sleep whenever (more or less) I want. Still now, I wonder how it would have been to be at the office at the time. Millions of women are doing it but it somehow still strikes me how difficult it must be and I am so glad I could experience the slow-life lifestyle at this time.

Being in lockdown also meant not seeing friends or family, or having to deal with social gathering and it made it all easier. I usually go for a drink with friends or colleagues at least 2 times a week so hiding my pregnancy would have been super hard. Everyone would have questionned me about why I am not drinking. I only had one colleague gathering and I managed to hid behind the all good excuse of doing a Detox before holidays.

So yes, it’s true, I couldn’t get any pregnancy yoga or pilates classes, I won’t be doing any real life antenatal classes, our baby moon might not happen and I haven’t actually met my midwife yet. Now 6 months pregnant, I can say it: getting pregnant during a lockdown was actually the best timing I could have imagined and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

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