4 days in Prague

4 days in Prague

It was actually the first time I went to Eastern Europe. I’ve been used to mainly visit France and Spain when I was young, so travelling in the East was quite of another atmosphere. I left London with a pre-made idea of Prague. My vision of Eastern Europe was quite different from what I actually found there. Yes, I thought the communism spirit was still a thing and that the way of living there was a bit archaic. Indeed it’s not!

We stayed at the NYX Hotel for 5 nights. What I definitely loved the best was the location close to the old town. We did everything walking which was amazingly convenient. The Hotel’s room was fab, decorating as I like – I hate an all-white standard room – with light blue on the walls, dark wood and marble and golden details. For a 4 stars hotel, the service was actually really poor. No room service, no bar nor restaurant which I was quite disappointed about.

Strolling in the quiet streets is still the best way to discover the town. If there is one thing I learnt from moving to London is that getting lost is the best way to find little gem.

If there is one thing I was afraid of, it was the food. Browsing the Internet looking for restaurants I was really worried about the food there. I found that the ‘goulash’ was the most popular dish. It’s basically an en-sauce dish with meat… nothing too glamorous. But once again, it’s completely possible to find nice places, with modern and still affordable food. I have to admit we had a lot of delicious Thai food, we also found this waffles place on the last day named Chocoffee.

To stay in the food category and in the last-day great place discovery, there is the Café Platyz. Food was delicious and I loved the majestic place.

Those who know me well know I like to start my day with a coffee and Prague is a good place for nice coffee shops. One of my favourites was the Ema Espresso Bar but we also visited Onesip Coffee and the Super Tramp Coffee.


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