Kickstarting 2019

Kickstarting 2019

It’s still feeling a bit like Christmas (even if my Christmas tree is now gone) so let’s kickstart 2019!

If 2018, has been a good year on my side I now feel a bit drowsy with starting another year – will it be better?! no one really knows. 2018 has been quite an easy one. I started the year knowing my goal was to find a new job, I did it and loved every bit of it since then. 8 months after it happened, what do I really want to achieve this year?

If some people don’t like new year resolutions, for me they are a good way to take 5 minutes to clear my mind and ask myself where am I in this life? What do I want to do? What can I do to be even happier?

Meeting new people

After 4 years in London, I realised I haven’t met that many people. This year seem to be the one for meeting new people, on a professional and personal aspect. First thing first I registered to be part of the Merit Club, a women-only club giving you access to exclusive events, offers, and a great community of entrepreneurs.

Doing something creative

This year I want t challenge a bit my creativity and for that, I decided to start learning calligraphy! Both traditional one and brush lettering. I already gave it a go and love learning it even if I still struggle. I just look forward to seeing how I improve in the next few months.

Practising more Yoga

I started to practice yoga in October and I just love it. This is actually the only way for me to manage to switch off my brain for more than 1 minute and a half. I have seen just so much improvement in my flexibility in only a few session that this is definitely something I want to keep doing for myself.

The Winter Retreat

I discovered the Winter Retreat and felt in love with the concept. Published by Build a life you. love – the name gives you a hint of the purpose of the book – it’s a notebook dedicated to self-care. I think self-care is and will be my keyword for 2019. The notebook is an excellent way to clarify what you need to focus in regards to your body, your emotions, your mind, your virtual space, your spirit, your home space, your money, your community, and your worldview. It’s a guided way to focus on all the aspects

 I wish you all a wonderful 2019 🖤

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