Macarons at So Choux London

Macarons at So Choux London

I tend to describe myself as the biggest macarons fan! I just love them and whoever invented them is my hero. My family probably remembered me baking macarons once or twice, but the truth is I never managed to do them properly. Baking macarons is really technical and as you might know, I’m not patient when it comes to spending too much time in a kitchen. Too much time means more than 15 minutes. Not sad at all, I decided that my life will be based on buying macarons, which is an accomplishment like another, isn’t it?!


I had the occasion to discover the all-new macarons brand So Choux. So Choux means ‘so cute’ in French, and indeed they are. Friends, let me tell you that it’s probably a real new master brand in the macarons’ game. Sophie, the proud and talented owner is baking them is her small Parsons Green Workshop where it’s also possible to collect macarons and choux.

I had a real crush on the Vanilla one… I probably ate 5 of them and I didn’t even feel guilty a sec. I also tried the pistachio, coffee, lemon, and violet ones. Let me tell you that I was full but for some reason, I still managed to have a diner 1 hour later. Incredible skill, I know.


So Choux

Address: 25 Heathman’s Rd, Fulham SW6 4TJ, London
Phone: +44 7 446 15 08 08

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