LIV, the perfect neighbourhood dinner destination

LIV, the perfect neighbourhood dinner destination

A few steps away from Sloane Square station – my forever favourite neighbourhood in London – opened last September, LIV, a new restaurant which is now hosting dinner. They kindly invited me with a friend to try out the new menu.

The place

As soon as we stepped in from the white front door, LIV gives a very welcoming feeling. It’s 8 pm, the warm yellow lights are dimed making the atmosphere extra cosy. The restaurant is split into tw aso rooms: the main one, pretty full at the time and a smaller one on the left. We chose to sit in the smaller one offering brighter lighting as we would love to see what we have in our plates!

I sat on the sofa and gently felt nestled around all the yellow cushions, ready to order and to have a good time.

The food

The menu is rather short as all dishes are prepared with fresh and seasonal products by Chef Damien Monley. Nibbles, starters, four pasta dishes, main dishes included vegetarian options and a few sweet treats to end the meal with.

We started by picking one nibble to share, the grilled sourdough with whipped miso butter. The bread and miso butter were amazingly good, soft, crispy and super tasty; a good way to wait for our main. After a long time contemplating the pasta, I chose to try the 17-hour Wagyu beef and Japanese salad. My friend went for the duck paccheiri pasta. The beef was extremely tender, so the salad added some crunch to the dish. The sauce reminded me of an actual french dish called ‘boeuf bourguignon’, a wine-marinated beef stew.

We ended the dinner with the apple crumble for me and the pistachio creme brûlée for my friend. Apple crumble being one of my favourite dessert on Earth, I’m extremely picky. Most important point, it was topped up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The apples were soft and tasty but it appeared there were raisins in my apple crumble and I am not playing in the raisin team at all, unfortunately. Slightly disappointed, I still had all of it, tiny raisins won’t stop me from having one of the best desserts.

With prices being Sloane Square’s average – meaning: not cheap but not highly over-priced either. LIV is a new place to add to my list of restaurants to go to, and I’m already planning on trying there breakfast and lunch!

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